The Importance of Seeing a Reputable Podiatrist

Foot pain can cause a lot of trouble for anyone, no matter his or her career or hobbies. From professional athletes to business people, if you have painful feet, then you know that the pain can make it difficult to work, enjoy your weekends, and to move around during the day. Quality podiatrists are available worldwide to help patients who suffer from pain in the feet, ankles, ligaments, and even joints. If patients refuse to get help when needed, then they may inadvertently cause future problems as well as limit their mobility as they age.

Joint Pain

One obvious sign that you need to visit a podiatrist in Perth, WA is if you are suffering from pain in the ankle joint or in your foot. This can be an early sign of arthritis, which is a very common condition worldwide. This disease can cause discomfort in your feet and joints and eventually even lead to changes in how your feet function. Over time, this can lead to disability but early intervention can prevent that from happening.

If You Have Diabetes

Not everyone with diabetes realises that this disease makes them more prone to having foot problems. While some of the issues may be minor, such as skin dryness and discomfort, others can be larger, such as serious infections that require immediate medical care. It’s important that all patients with diabetes have yearly foot exams by a podiatrist to make sure that they are healthy. Having this exam will greatly lower the chance of needing an amputation due to complications from diabetes.

You’re Limited in Your Activities

Heel pain can quickly make it difficult for patients to walk, run, or hike. If you have pain in your heel, it can be caused by a bone spur or an inflamed tendon. Only a podiatrist can give an official diagnosis on what is causing your heel pain and help with pain management. You should expect an x-ray and a full foot exam so that the podiatrist can diagnose the problem.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown nails are painful and one that you can’t take care of yourself can easily cause an infection. These ingrown nails are very common on the large toe. If your toenail is painful to touch and has a lot of drainage, then it may be ingrown. It’s time to see a doctor so that he or she can treat the issue. This may mean that he or she has to remove part of the nail and prescribe medication for the infection.

Foot pain can greatly limit your mobility and activities but it doesn’t have to. If you are having problems with your feet, then it’s important to visit a podiatrist immediately so that he or she can diagnose the problem and help you to begin healing. Ignoring the issue or trying to work through the pain will only cause more problems in the future.