Know Why Your Liver Get Enlarged

Liver plays a vital part in enhancing the functions of your digestive system. It’s a round shaped organ present in the above right portion of your abdomen. Sometimes due to few reasons liver size gets enlarged. Medically the condition is known as Hepatomegaly.

Enlarging of liver medically is termed to be not a great issue although it is sign of severe ailments like cancer, liver malfunctioning and congestive heart failure. Thus generally there won’t be any symptoms of liver getting enlarged. However, when other ailments occurs the person experience multiple forms of discomforts.

If there is enlargement of liver the symptoms experienced are:

  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Fatigue and feeling restless.
  • Nausea and feel like vomiting.
  • Symptoms of jaundice like yellowish appearance of skin and eyes color changing from white to yellow.

The other general symptoms are:

  • Feeling of fullness and loss of appetite.
  • Pain in belly or you feel uneasiness in your abdomen leading to intake of less food.
  • Feel like sleeping whole hours of the day.
  • Get irritated and feel stressed constantly.
  • Your body weight gets drastically less.

Drinking alcohol in large quantity for years will result in liver getting enlarged. Severe form of Hepatitis is great cause for swelling of liver. Other diseases effecting liver are neuroblastoma, Reye syndrome, steatosis, sarcoidosis, biliary cirrhosis and Niemann – Pick Dieases. Infections affecting your digestive system may cause fatty liver.  The presence of large amount of toxins in abdomen may lead to liver getting swollen. Your body immune system gets affected due to other reasons lead to liver getting enlarged in size. The raising of blood sugar, high blood pressure and increase in bad cholesterol is surely going to affect liver. Genetic disorders play an important role in liver getting swollen.

Diagnosis is usually done by taking X ray, ultrasound scan and blood tests to determine the real culprit of health disorder affecting the liver.  After diagnosis the reports are studied and necessary treatment is commenced.

To a great extent liver is affected by the lifestyle a person leads generally. Consuming junk food all the while, not doing regular exercises, having sleepless night and giving less importance to maintain general health affects the liver. Obesity is well known reason for occurring of liver health issues.

Initial treatment of digestive system disorders is quite important to maintain good health of your liver. It will be beneficial to consult a liver specialist for treating Hepatomegaly.