Face Growth Irregularities Can Be Treated

Many times you see that your child’s face is showing some discrepancy in growth of the upper and the lower jaw. You wait for a few years for it to resolve by itself but the condition worsens. You might not know what to do but a doctor knows. There are specialized dentists who deal with such growth irregularities of the face

Treatment at the right time

Many growth related problems can be due to one or more parafunctional habits like thumb sucking or mouth breathing in the child. Once the cause is removed, natural growth can take its pace and resolve the discrepancies by a little guidance of some appliances.

These wired appliances are to be given at an appropriate time to the child so that none of the features become permanent.

Get an appointment when the problem appears

If you are noticing any such problem in a child, you should take an immediate appointment from an orthodontist which is a certified dentist to deal with such cases. The important thing to understand is that not all the problems are treated at small ages but some of them are. It is important to intercept the developing problems at the right age before they take a full form.


Orthodontic clinics are well equipped with radiographic technologies like 2D and 3 D digital radiographs which can give a better idea about the jaw growth and thus the doctor can guide you to get the treatment done early before you require a more complex complete fixed orthodontic treatment

See a qualified dentist

If you go to just any dentist, they might ask you to wait till the child grows to a teenage and then see an orthodontist. But that is not correct. With the advances in dental sciences, procedures are now available which stop the malocclusion problems from further escalating when you report to the doctor in a smaller age

Search online

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