Everything You Need to Know About SARMs Supplements

Many people tend to think that all performance enhancing drugs that are available nowadays are some forms of steroids. Steroids have been banned in virtually all sports competitions, so athletes or bodybuilders who are planning on going pro at some point in their career must avoid them at all costs. Steroids are bad, and can cause irreversible hormonal changes in the body that could affect your quality of life. There have been cases where bodybuilders who used excessive steroids ended up losing their kidneys, and some even went into liver failure.

However, a modern supplement that is making the rounds through the news these days is the SARMs supplement. SARMs, also known as selective androgen receptor modulators, are only used by a handful of bodybuilders and athletes so far, but the initial results have been really compelling. According to a study, SARMs tend to burn fat at a rate similar to steroids, and also help in muscle building at a similar rate. However, there’s no need to worry about liver damage or kidney failure when taking these supplements.

They are designed to target your hormones only, in a very selective manner, and have shown excellent potential so far for people who want to shed the fat and build some muscle. However, while the initial results are very promising, you should know that most of the studies were conducted on lab rats, so there’s no long-term experiments that have been conducted on humans yet which show the viability of SARMs.


Think of SARMs as a means of experimental biohacking. While they do carry a slight amount of risk, SARMs have shown immense promise, which warrants discussion. The SARMs supplement is much more innovative than steroids, carrying an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 3:1. This means that they can help you build muscle virtually three times more than they are likely to cause any harmful side effects (androgenic side effects). If you were taking steroids however, you would have to take bioidentical testosterone in order to even out the results. All of this must take place under the careful supervision of a doctor, of course. But, with SARMs, there’s no need to worry about taking additional supplements.


If you go to an online store that sells SARMs, you will realize that there are plenty of coded bottles available. Before you buy any of the SARM supplements, you need to carefully research about the codes and find out what each SARM actually does. Before you start taking an official dosage, it’s recommended that you visit your doctor first. Since the research on SARMs is generally limited, there isn’t a recommended dosage available. The doctor will check the constituents in each and then give you a recommended dosage based on your requirements. Do not go overboard with the usage in the beginning and keep your doctor updated on progress and any side effects.