Boost your Body with Innumerable Benefits and Uses of Epsom Salt

Bath salts have been in use since decades. They were used to heal wounds and injuries. A clean cloth was dipped in warm water that had a mixture of bath salt. This was applied on the affected area to give relief. Bath salt is obtained from sea, this means the second name of sea salt is bath salt. Ocean or sea water dries up due to sun and air, which leaves behind salt to be used. This salt is processed, but its ingredients and minerals aren’t destroyed.

There are salts of different color and texture, but mostly all of them are crystalline. Common color of bath salt is white, but there is Dead Sea salt that is red in color because of the red clay nearby. One commonly used salt is Epsom salt that gives good result in every aspect.

Epsom is good for health in all perspectives. It contains magnesium that is good for relieving any pain. Another mineral is sulfate that helps in building tissues and increasing immune system. Last ingredient is oxygen that allows all muscle and tissue to breathe.

Let’s understand in detail all its benefits in our daily life –

  • Reduces magnesium deficiency
  • Helps cancer patients
  • Reduces inflammation

Reduces magnesium deficiency

Epsom is rich in magnesium and the body requires magnesium to work properly. It helps in stimulating all nerves and muscles. This improves the amount of oxygen in blood and regulates circulation. Deficiency of magnesium can lead to nerve damage, which leads to stress and depression.

Sulfate and Magnesium helps to detoxify our body by removing toxins from pores and these pores take in magnesium and sulfur into our blood vessels. During summer, when lactic acid increases in the muscles, magnesium removes it from the body. That is why it is suggested to take Epsom bath daily in summer.

Helps cancer patients

Magnesium helps in relieving pain and stress. When cancer patients take bath with Epsom water there is considerable reduction in stress and irritability. This also helps them get good sleep. Due to excessive medications cancer patients suffer from problems like constipation. A glass of warm Epsom water helps in cleaning bowels. Due to weakness, they suffer pain in muscles and joints and their immunity goes for a toss.

Reduces inflammation

Epsom helps in treating gouts, fungal infection, sprains, bruises, sore muscles and athlete’s foot. However, people who have severe injuries, cuts or wounds are suggested not to take Epsom bath. Even if you’re severely dehydrated avoid taking bath unless your body is completely hydrated. That is why generally, people drink a glass of water before taking Epsom bath.

Epsom is not only good for health, but also for hair and skin. Besides healthy growth of hair, it allows your skin to breathe making you feel fresh early morning.